Pomet B

Abyssinian kittens, Litter "B". Date of birth 19.05.2011

Abyssinian cat of Amberberry cattery trophe

Abyssinian female
Amberberry Abigail Churchill
Triple Grand Champion TICA

Date of birth: 15.05.2010
Color: Ruddy, ABYn

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Abyssinian male
Cat As Trophe Des Fusains

International Winner Supreme Grand Champion TICA, Grand Champion CFA, World Champion WCF, Master-WCF

Abyssinian kittens for sale

Amberberry Barbara
Ruddy girl
Sold out in Moscow
Amberberry Babetta Ruddy girl
Stayed in cattery
Amberberry Brunhild Sorrel girl
Amberberry Beatrix Kido
Ruddy girl
Stayed in cattery

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