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Abyssiniaan female Amberberry Abigail Churchill



Abyssinian female
Amberberry Abigail Churchill
Quadruple Grand Champion TICA

 Date of birth: 15.05.2010
Color: Ruddy, ABYn
Sire: QGC TICA, GC CFA Orange Marmelad Opium
Dam: CH TICA Des Cavalier Dominika

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Show results of abyssinian cat Abigail

24-25.09.2011    Multisystem show  "ExpoCat 2011" Russia Moscow: Amberberry Abigail Churchill: 2sp, Triple Grand Champion  TICA


26-27.02.2011 Russia Moscow  "Russian Safari" (TICA) Amberberry Abigail Churchill: 1 final, 4th in congress "Matreshki", 5th in congress Aby-Som, Double Grand Champion TICA.

19.09.2010 Russia Moscow "Babysalon 2010" (WCF) our abyssinian girl Amberberry Abigail Churchill became 3th best kitten, Best Kitten of second day of exhibition,  the winner of WCF Babysalon second day and Absolute Winner of Babysalon 2010.



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