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Abyssinian female Amberberry Brunhild



Abyssinian female
Amberberry Brunhild

Date of birth: 19.05.2011
Color: Sorrel, Cinnamon, ABYo
Sire: IW SGC TICA, GC CFA, WCH WCF, Master-WCF Cat As Trophe Des Fusains
Dam: TGC TICA Amberberry Abigail Churchill

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Show results of abyssinian cat Brunhild

29-30.10.2011 Reisenberg, Austria, TICA
Amberberry Brunhild: 4ab, 2ab, 7ab, 2sp, 2ab, 2ab, 1sp, 4ab, 6ab, 5ab, 2ab, 2ab, 2ab, 1ab. Best kitten in Show!

22-23.10.2011 St.Petersburg, Russia, TICA
Amberberry Brunhild: 3ab, 2ab, 4ab, 4ab, 3sp

08-09.10.2011 TicaCats (EN Regional), Flörsheim, Hessen, Germany, TICA
Amberberry Brunhild: 4ab

01-02.10.2011 Ekaterinburg, Russia, TICA
Amberberry Brunhild: 4sp, 3sp, 7ab, 10ab, 7ab, 8ab. 10th best kitten in show.

24-25.09.2001 Multisystem show  "ExpoCat 2011" Russia Moscow 
Amberberry Brunhild: 2sp, 6sp, 5ab, 4ab, 4ab, 7ab; 7th best kitten in show  TICA.


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