Abyssinan cats from Moscow. Amberberry abyssinian cattery.



06-07.10.2012 "Expokot 2012" TICA

Abyssinian cat of our cattery Amberberry Egoist - 11 finals and BEST ALTER in Show.



In our cattery were born abyssinian kittens - 1 ruddy boy, 2 sorrel boys and 1 sorrel girl. Photos of litter E you can see in  Photogallery very soon.


26-27.11.2011  Russia, Kazan, WCF

Oriental female Alel Lanoris of  Amberberry became Best Opposite Sex SOSH on both days, WCF-ring Adult - 8th and 9th place.


29-30.10.2011 Reisenberg, Austria, TICA

Amberberry Brunhild: 4ab, 2ab, 7ab, 2sp, 2ab, 2ab, 1sp, 4ab, 6ab, 5ab, 2ab, 2ab, 2ab, 1ab. Best kitten in Show!
Amberberry Beatrix Kido: 8ab, 6ab, 2sp, 2ab


22-23.10.2011 St Petersburg, Russia, TICA

Amberberry Brunhild: 3ab, 2ab, 4ab, 4ab, 3sp
Amberberry Beatrix Kido: 8ab, 5ab, 10ab, 6ab



In our cattery were born abyssinian kittens - 1 ruddy boy and 3 ruddy girls. Photos of litter D you can see in  Photogallery.


15-16.10.2011 Vladivostok, Russia, TICA

Amberberry Beatrix Kido: 5sp, 4sp

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