Abyssinan cats and abyssinian kittens from Moscow. Amberberry abyssinian cattery.

Abyssinian kittens, Litter «I». Date of birth 01.07.2012.  

Abyssinian cat Des Cavalier Freyja of Amberberry. Amberberry abyssinian cattery. valentin
Abyssinian female

Des Cavalier Freyja of Amberberry

DoB: 17.02.2011
Color: Ruddy, ABYn

Abyssinian male
Des Cavalier Abykenaz Be My Valentin
Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion TICA, Champion CFA

DoB: 14.02.2010
Color: Sorrel, ABYo

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Amberberry  Ivan
abyssinian ruddy boy
sold to Kirov
Amberberry Ion
abyssinian ruddy boy
sold to Kirov
Amberberry Idas
abyssinian ruddy boy
sold in Moscow
Amberberry Iris
abyssinian sorrel girl
sold to Vladimir
Amberberry Ino
abyssinian sorrel girl
Amberberry Io
abyssinian ruddy girl

abyssinian kittens 2 months

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Питомник абиссинских кошек  Amberberry

Абиссинские котята питомника Amberberry